Making unique brick experiences possible.

Bricks can offer more than just making toys.

Bricks can offer more
than just making toys.

At Sohobricks, we believe that interlocking bricks are a medium of expression. We exist not to make toys but to empower people to pursue their brick passion.

Whether it’s for your hobby, art, or business, your brick palette should never be the concern. We are set out to redefine how bricks are sourced, used, and enjoyed.

We are on the pursuit of true brick freedom.

We are on the pursuit
of true brick freedom.

Our company is founded on the simple principle of bricking your own way. That’s why we are driven to commoditize the brick and give power to the creators.

We work together with creators to bring their unique ideas to life and share it with the world. Join us as we challenge how people think about bricks.

We take care of the bricks. You focus on your passion.

We take care
of the bricks.
You focus on
your passion.

For artists & creators

We make it easy to prepare for your next brick project. Have an upcoming exhibit? Want to create kits for sale? Or maybe a giant mosaic? Collaborate with us and let’s get it done.

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For entrepreneurs

Running any business is hard so any help goes a long way. Partner with us and let us help you scale your business past current limits set by traditional brick sourcing methods.

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The soho principles.

Creators first

The collective creativity of the community trumps any team.

Bricks for all

If you want it, you get it. We strive to make bricks more accessible.

Embrace the different

We are not afraid to break the mold, literally and figuratively. We welcome new brick designs and unconventional projects.

Fair play

All of us here grew up with and love LEGO®. Why not build with both?

Build your way

Our builders are free to pursue any idea. We stand by you with our bricks.

Promote opportunity

We strive to give creators the resources to make what wasn’t possible before. Go finish that masterpiece or open new doors for your business.


But why Soho?

The name is a reference to the famous New York City neighborhood. A once deserted industrial zone became a thriving hub for art as creative minds congregated. They ignored the stigma and saw the potential for the tall, open floor plans as perfect places to pursue their craft.